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Managing your health online

Using an online form

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There are many things you can do online at our surgery. Some tasks you can do using a website called AccuRx where you can:

  • request an appointment
  • request a sick note
  • ask about test results
  • contact us about an admin request

You don’t need an account to use this website.

Using your NHS account

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There are other tasks you can do online, like:

  • order repeat prescriptions
  • view your test results
  • see parts of your health record
  • check or cancel appointments
  • see your vaccination record

For these, you can use your NHS account. You can access them using their websites or apps.

Setting up an NHS account

To set up your NHS account for the first time, you will need to set up an NHS login. Read about how to set up NHS login (nhs.uk).

Once you have set up your NHS login, you can log in to your NHS account or download the NHS App onto your phone.

Setting up an online service account

To register for GP online services complete the appropriate medical record online access form below and read the attached patient information leafletSubmit the completed form at the reception with photographic ID and you will be issued with a username and password. This is so that we can verify your identity and protect your confidentiality. Due to confidentiality, we do not accept these forms via email.

Form A: For self-online account (aged 16 and above) – Download the form
Form B: Access for children, parents and guardians – Proxy access – Download the form

Proxy access refers to access to online services by somebody acting on behalf of the patient and usually with the patient’s consent. The proxy does not have to be a registered patient at the practice.

  • Child access will automatically be disabled when a child reaches the age of 11 and 16
  • A competency assessment will be carried out to grant the proxy access. A competent child must authorise the request for Proxy Access/ this will be at the discretion of a clinician.
  • A child deemed competent may have access to their online record or authorise a parent/carer to have Proxy Access to their full medical record or limited proxy access to specific services, such as appointment booking or repeat prescription requests, but not to the medical records.
  • Where a child is deemed not to be competent, a parent will apply for access but will be registered as a Proxy User at the discretion of a clinician.

Date published: 20th September, 2023
Date last updated: 14th December, 2023